ARMOUR-THOR Termite Security SystemArmour-Thor

Termite SECURITY System

ARMOUR-THOR protects your building UNLIKE any other system in the market.

This eco-friendly system creates a discrete but impenetrable barrier to prevent termite entry. Concealed within the fabric of your building it forces termites out into the open.

The ARMOUR-THOR Termite Security System is patent-protected, pesticide free and uses no toxic, harmful or dangerous chemicals, which is great news for families and the environment.

ARMOUR-THOR is constructed from Ensystex’s unique, Ultra Marine Grade, Flex-Temper Aluminium. ARMOUR-THOR Aluminium undergoes a special Smelting process to free the metal, followed by Roasting to drive off the unwanted by-products, leaving a high purity oxide which undergoes Reduction, the final, high-temperature step to produce ARMOUR-THOR. Termites simply cannot penetrate this highly flexible, robust barrier, no matter how hard they try. And being a Flex-Temper design, it allows maximum flexibility to easily accommodate creative architectural designs without compromising effectiveness. The fact that it is a specially produced Ultra Marine Grade Flex-Temper Aluminium means it resists even the harshest of extreme coastal maritime conditions, termites cannot chew through or damage it, and it is even resistant to their secretions.

Apart from ARMOUR-THOR's excellent environmental benefits, it can also be used as a Damp-Proof Course, has a 50 year warranty* against termites breaching the barrier, and can be readily inspected in-situ. This Total Security System against termites has been proven in thousands of installs in Australia and Asia, and will continue to add value to your building long after construction.


Your ARMOUR-THOR Termite Security System is guaranteed to prevent concealed subterranean termite entry into any building for 50 years*. ARMOUR-THOR is safe, proven, reliable and backed by the international strength of Ensystex, the global leader in termite protection.